Project Bantu is a Social Cultural intervention developed by Mestre Roxinho. To introduces the Brazilian art of Capoeira Angola to young people. The activitie combines the potential of musical and physical expression to incresse their Physical resistance, Improve fitness, Self-awareness,  Mindfulness, Body expression and Music skills.

Project Bantu, was originated in Brazil, has been adapted to fit the needs of young people for young people in Australia. Evaluation of the project found that young people who participated in the project showed considerable improvement in their behavioural and social cohesion. Teachers observed an increase in both classroom cooperation and individual self-esteem. Young people were also found to be less likely to use elicit drugs or engage in criminal activities after participating in the project.

Since conception in 2010, the project has grown in both strength and numbers. Over many years, Mestre Roxinho has secured the backing of STARRTS NSW (the NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors). STARRTS has worked with Mestre Roxinho on the integration of Project Bantu across schools through the NSW region.

We thank STARRTS for their continuous support.